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62nd Annual Black Hills Motor Classic Rally and Races

This was without a doubt the most fabulous ride I have ever taken.

I owe a huge THANK YOU to Popeye & BJ for turning a good vacation into a great one. Popeye planned the trip, made reservations, helped with bike repairs, guided rides and generously shared his pictures to mention but a few of their efforts.
Popeye is known for his biker pics. He has a great photographic eye and the gals seem enjoy being photographed by him. The result is that he has a knack for getting excellent photos. I am very happy that he was willing to share his pics in these albums. He has been taken similar pictures since 1994 and has a large collection. 'Popeyes Biker Pics' are identified with the logo at the left.

BJ, Popeye & myself ready to leave from Chicago.