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Myrtle Beach Bike Week - 2005 - South Carolina

I left late Sunday afternoon and didn't get into Myrtle until 4;00AM - and it rained pretty much the whole ride down, although not to too hard

I met up with my friends from Chicago and we just hung out for a couple days and really enjoyed the visit - the weather was gloomy but it didn't rain while I was there (one short, quick sprinkle) - we did hit up the 'new' SBB (Suck, Bang, Blow) - they have an inside burnout pit, although it is exhausted to the outdoors - one gal was doing a burnout with her bf (husband??) on the back and dumped the bike - except for pride, the damage appeared minor to both the participants and the bike - why they do that, I'll never know -

I had some time to myself Tuesday, so I took the Harley out and treated her to a new set of air horns - and treated myself to a bikini bike wash -

On the way home (on Wednesday), a Robertson County sherriff's car tooted at me - I waved back and then I noticed that he started to follow me - pulled me over - turned out that I had crossed into North Carolina and hadn't put my helmit on - the Sherriff was a very nice fellow and said he wasn't going to ticket me - He just wanted to let me know before I ran into some of the more stringent law enforcement officers further on up the road - his name was Jimmie Horne and he too is a rider - he is also a member of the Christian Rider's Association - and furthermore, he was dedicated to preserving the memory of Elvis - I got this picture of him standing by his Patrol car - if you get a chance to see him or run into him, tell him he's on the web and I sure appreciated the wonderful North Carolina hospitality -

What a terriffic mini-vacation!